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Originally Posted by hunterfryellis ➡️
Hey all, perhaps this is a stupid question, so apologies.
Not at all...

Originally Posted by hunterfryellis ➡️
I want to run 16 analog out's to the 16 inputs of the baord and then sent the stereo output of the board back to Protools to recording the bounce. Simple, right? But I can't seem to get the MOTU mix software and the PT i/o to play nice. How do I route the mix bus from the baord back to PT so that it will record while I'm playing back from PT as well? Lag doesn't matter since the mixdown will be muted of course. Signal is passing, I can see it in the routing tab, and when I stop playback, the reverb tails show up on the record-enable stereo PT track. I used to be able to do this fine with the Monitor8, not sure what I changed...
I'm not in front of PT right now and I might remember this incorrectly, but if you place a track into just "record" mode in PT it will pass input-audio while transport is stopped but it will not pass inut-audio if you press play. In order to 'always' hear what's coming into that channel you have to enable input monitoring, which is the button to the left of record and the one that turns green when you enable it.

Keep in mind that you get either/or: With it disabled you won't hear the input when you press play, but with it enabled you won't hear recorded audio if you press play.

Reading your question it looks as if the above is the problem. It would explain why you hear the tail of a reverb when you press "stop".

Originally Posted by hunterfryellis ➡️
Bonus question: What's the best way to route my inputs so that inputs 1-8 will be played back directly through outputs 1-8, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY givine me the playback from Protools that comes out of 1-8? I could never figure this out with my Monitor8--when I recorded on inputs 1-2, I just disabled whatever was playing back on 1-2, which was sometimes fine but sometimes annoying. i'd rather not have to do that.

Not 100% sure what you need to do or what the problem is.

Generally you should be able to just route anything you want to listen to to any target output. You can have multiple sources go to the same output(s).

The first reply in this post still applies so that if your inputs are on regular audio tracks that you want to record on you will only hear incoming audio if you're stopped or if you enable input monitoring.

Another way of ensuring you can always hear the input is to use AUXES and Buses. You can create an AUX track for each input, and set the output for each AUX to the output you want. In addition to that you can use a send on each track to a dedicated bus and you can then choose that bus as an input for a 'record track' - meaning an audio track that has that bus input and you use that audio track to record onto. If you do this of course you'll end up "doubling" the signal if you just press record on the audio track so you'd want to probably mute the audio track or mute the AUX (which in that case has to have the send pre-fader).

Try the above and if you still have questions you should probably ask in the PT section or Avid's forum since the questions seem PT-specific, not really relating to the MOTU...

.... unless I'm wrong of course