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Originally Posted by McIrish ➡️
Just wanted to jump in to say that I recently picked up a Audioscape 76D. I typically never compress on the way in but wanted to give an 1176 type compressor a shot on vocals. I was pretty blown away by how well it worked. Got me much closer to a final vocal without much work. At times it was getting hit pretty hard yet you can't hear it breathing or pumping. I know that's kind of the deal with the 1176, but I was surprised how much easier this made a vocal mix. I'm sold on it.
This is great to hear! Welcome to the 76D club! It's a versatile beast! The swiss army knife of the 76 revisions.

Originally Posted by drBill ➡️
Nice! Yes, they work great in that application. I've got a train wrecked Opto on the way. Can't wait to put it into the mix! Literally.
The 'Train-wrecked' Series wouldn't exist without you or Lawrence Trainor! Super stoked for you to get the Opto in the studio.