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Here for the gear
This thing sounds incredible with minimal effort required. When i set it up on 64 bands and tweaked the compressor parameters it just balanced every element in the mix perfectly, i am genuinely shocked how it can make mix clear and punchy, simultenausly do not adding unpleasant sonic artifacts and retaining stereo image.

Sound is very subjective and for me, you guys just nailed it, sonically and with perfect amount of settings this thing have i am able to balance every mix the way i like it. I have a feeling like it was created basically with me in mind.

Tried DSEQ 3, Soothe 2, TC Electronic MD4 HD, Ozone 9 dynamic eq, TDR Nova, Kirchhoff-EQ, Leapwing Audio DynOne on my 2bus. They balanced the mix great, but there was always trade off sonically - something added that do not quite gel with me. This is different (not because it is new, but in the way it makes the sound the way i want it to be and doing it so easily).

The vintage module is adding subtle, desirable character to my latest mix, i love it too! And i am very picky about saturation plugins haha

Second thing is the GUI. I did not read the manual and jpg guide (yet) but operating with it felt like second nature to me after a while with working with it. Everything is laid out and labeled in pleasant to the eye manner.

I will buy it today. My best discovery so far in the last few years and now i want to check your other plugins!

Overall - 10/10

Cannot recommend it enought, it really shines in balancing the mixes and deserve the spotlight. Top tier DSP coding

I am a former reader of Gearslutz and this is the release that made me create an account and comment on it

Greetings to you all!