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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by Steab ➡️
I don't know man, sm7 automatically tunes my vocals.
Let alone the fact that it doesn't even need a preamp.
But it needs a Fethead or cloudlifter (pre preamp or mic booster) since it needs a lot of boost or a special mixer or audio interface that can boost it enough. SO you would also need phantom power (which is a preamp) to boost the Cloudlifter. SO the Shure sm7b is not enough if you have a less empowering/amplifying audio interface or mixer. Hence the statement about not needing preamp is well, incorrect in many situations.
As for myself I use the Samson Q2U which costs 1/5th of the price of the Shure and with enough insulation/isolation it sounds about the same. And it does not need any preamp or cloudlifter. It is very low in noise from the surroundings i.e. reverberation build up.
I just bought the Aston Spirit and I have a hard time deciding whether to just use the Samson or find a way to avoid sharpness in my voice with the Aston Spirit. But that may be a matter of mic handling since it is more sensitive. See at 3:55 for info regarding boosting Shure sm7b