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Originally Posted by SawtoothWavee ➡️
Is the Roland SE-02 works well in a DAW workflow? Always wanted one but I need to know before it works well with Ableton especially recording Audio AND MIDI.
99% of all features have been mapped to MIDI from release.

The only annoying thing about the SE-02 is that if it’s synched to MIDI, then any time you hit play in the DAW the sequencer on the SE-02 will start to play. I usually just have a blank sequence there as the default. Maybe Ableton has some features that would prevent that (I can’t stand Ableton and have 3 other DAWs I can use).

Also, theres no global setting for locking transposing the sequencer to the keys - it’s per preset.

No synth is perfect! But the SE-02 loves being a companion to a DAW (and to my Digitone). It’s too bad the ExtBox is so expensive:unavailable now for people - I was lucky and grabbed one shortly after they were released for a price I thought was already a bit much. But the unit really completes the synth, though it’s pure analog so anything you do on it is NOT saved with presets and the controls have no MIDI mapping.