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final update for today:

release 0.11 now works and I just converted a JD 800 patch bank Jexus once made

Release 0.11 of JDTools can be downloaded here (currently Windows command line only):

To make it work you NEED a backup file from your JD-08 which you can get by following these steps:

Here is how it works:
  1. get the JD-08 backup file and copy it to a folder (e.g. on your desktop or downloads folder)
  2. get some JD 800 patch (sysex or midi format) and copy it to the same folder --> you can find a lot of them here:
  3. download JDTools
  4. copy JDTools.exe to the same folder
  5. open a cmd prompt by clicking start / run / and enter "cmd" or windows key + r and enter "cmd" (without the "")
  6. change directory to the folder where all the files reside (you can copy the complete path from the address bar of windows explore and paste it to the cmd prompt after the "cd" parameter)
  7. the tool works the following (pasted from the github page):
    "By invoking JDTools convert svd <input.file> <JD08Backup.svd>, the input file is converted to the JD-08 patch bank format (SVD). The provided output file must be an already existing JD08Backup.svd file obtained from your JD-08. The file is then overwritten, but its contents are replaced with the new patch data. The output file should be named JD08Backup.svd so that the JD-08 can find it."
  8. which means you need to type and enter (without the ""):
    jdtools convert svd "name.extension of patch file" "JD08Backup.svd"
    when you press enter the actual conversion happens and you should see all converted patch names on the screen
  9. now all JD 800 patches have been merged into the JD08Backup.svd which can now be restored back to the JD 08
  10. restore the backup file by following these steps:

Please donate to support the developer for this incredible work! You can find the paypal donation link on the JDTools github page: