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Originally Posted by cabooter ➡️
As I said I still work with the N12.
Using Windows 10 20H2 and Cubase 11.
But I also have my old Cubase 5-32bit installed on the same PC and that alsol works as it should.
I sometimes use it to load an old project which was made with C5.
I never have used 5.1 surround.
Hi Cabooter, I know it's been a while since you posted this, but is there a chance you could provide the exact legacy FW driver you were running on Win10 20H2?

I've only succeeded on running the N12 smoothly under Win10 1809, any further updates introduce sporadic droputs (I tried "some" legacy FW drivers with no luck, but maybe yours differ from mine?).

Firewire chipset is Texas Instruments (PCIe), no problems under MacOs Mojave.

Thanks in advance!