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Old 21st July 2022
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How stereo-compatible is Sennheiser AMBEO ?

Reading between the lines of this article, prefacing the following development :

"Netflix and Sennheiser have announced a massive audio improvement for all viewers that access streaming (OTT) content with standard stereo equipment: AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio is now streaming on Netflix and delivers an incredibly immersive audio experience with standard stereo speakers.

The AMBEO 2-Channel Spatial Audio renderer translates original immersive mixes into 2-channel audio with a spatial experience far beyond stereo. During development, Sennheiser worked with Netflix and other industry partners to fine-tune the system, which is now available to license from Sennheiser.

Netflix is the first streaming platform to deliver this significantly improved experience for select titles"

...there seem to be repeated implicit promises and assurances that listeners/viewers won't experience a disappointing 'listening paradigm shift' between Spatial Audio and stereo.

Anybody here have any direct experience comparing the 2 delivery formats ?