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Yes, I agree to a certain extent: I'm using transformer balanced preamps for that purpose as well, but there are some that are just as fast in their transient response as transformerless preamps, so you'll have to test this before you can be sure. Especially preamps with input transformers only (and none on the outputs) can be very fast. (ADT, Elberg.) The compression effect on very high short peaks is actually what is desired mostly, as it will sound more like our ears hear. Fortunately most transformers do that more or less. Tubes have a somewhat wider compression behaviour, into the sustain dynamics.
I think it all depends on the turn ratio of the used transformers. Tube amps often have transformers with higher turn ratios, 1:10 or higher, while solid state preamps with transformers most of the time happen to have something between 1:2 ( the famous Jensen design) and 1:7 But some can have transformer turn ratios as low as 1:1. My Soundcraft LM1 mixer has paired transistors on the input and a transformer that has 1:1 ratio. These transformers you hardly can notice. Other solid state designs let you change the input impedance, what happens is they change the input transformer its turn ratio. The sound differences can be huge.