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Originally Posted by Orgeltonmeister ➡️
Input transformers in solid state microphone preamps also take away some of the transients in a similar way as tube-amps do, at least that is my experience. In the past I used Demeter and Tubetech tube-preamps. I don't use them amymore because of practical reasons. I always bring a few transformer balanced solid state microphone preamps to my sessions, as back-up for problem solving.
Yes, I agree to a certain extent: I'm using transformer balanced preamps for that purpose as well, but there are some that are just as fast in their transient response as transformerless preamps, so you'll have to test this before you can be sure. Especially preamps with input transformers only (and none on the outputs) can be very fast. (ADT, Elberg.) The compression effect on very high short peaks is actually what is desired mostly, as it will sound more like our ears hear. Fortunately most transformers do that more or less. Tubes have a somewhat wider compression behaviour, into the sustain dynamics.