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Compressors are generally way too drastic in their effect and in their sonic imprint. Why not fix this aspect at the source? Good tube preamps are very transparent anyway, but will just not overemphasize very short transients, like most solid state amps do. Also: if you have something like ten (stereo) spot tracks, how are you going to compress them all individually during the mix? I have a few nice compressors, but not five available to use on spots only. (And software compressors don't come close to hardware.)
Input transformers in solid state microphone preamps also take away some of the transients in a similar way as tube-amps do, at least that is my experience. In the past I used Demeter and Tubetech tube-preamps. I don't use them amymore because of practical reasons. I always bring a few transformer balanced solid state microphone preamps to my sessions, as back-up for problem solving.