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Originally Posted by PeterPetz ➡️
The question is not really about good enough but more about if they can be better with it imo.

A lil eq for example can make the response a bit flatter at the costs of dsp artifacts. Canopener gives you crosstalk wich would be hard to implement on the cans and so on..
I hear you. Unlike the current trend, I'm not really interested in crosstalk or having it sound like speakers. I just want the best 'traditional' headphone experience I can get. And ideally, I want that experience out of the box without all the issues of having to run DSP on them. Because then if I want to change systems or change rooms or go to someone else's studio, I won't 'know' my headphones until I run the correction on them.

One day I'll have a good hard listen to these and make an informed decision.