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Originally Posted by Cyberjoe1962 ➡️
Hi. I am running my N12 with my old desktop PC, Windows 8.1, Cubase 10, and everything works like a charm.

However, I have bought another and newer PC which runs Windows 8.1 Pro, and also Cubase 10. It has three firewire ports that I have equipped with cards with TI chipsets. The firewire ports work fine with my TC Powercore and my SSL Duende Mini's - but for some reason I get a "broken" audio stream when I use my N12 as audio interface (the audio has pauses or breaks every half second approximately).

The PC says that the N12 is working as it should. It is connected and recognized. But for some reason the audio has this constant "on/off" thing going on that makes it unusable.

Both these PC's have four cores. The old PC runs with 16 Gb of RAM. The newer PC runs with 32 Gb of RAM.

All firewire ports work with the TC Powercore and the SSL Duende Mini and I have done all the usual tweaks and used the utility tool from the Yamaha driver package "Tools for N12" to optimize the system as suggested by Yamaha.

The systems also runs completely fine with my Steinberg CI2 usb audio interface.

Would any of you have any idea what could cause the problem? It seems strange that I should have these problems with the same OS and general setup as my old setup. What could be different and cause this problem - what have I overlooked??

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I would hate to loose my N12.

Just a quick reply because I’m probably wrong, but try increasing the buffer size or I think more likely try turning off wifi if you have it on. I seem to recall the n12 intermittently hating wifi. I don’t use my n12 anymore, but I sure had fun with it!