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Originally Posted by spnc ➡️
Hello guys
Older Ableton, I barely remember the details but it worked fine like two weeks ago, MIDI din connection.

Something like powering up the SE-02 while pushing Exit maybe, then sync to midi if that's your connection, I don't remember the button for the sync mode but it is easy to find out, 8 or 9 maybe.

Edit: remembered another detail, after selecting the sync mode (in this initial menu) you have to save the settings and get out, it's quite important, I think it's done by pushing the data entry.
The LCD will shows something, some kind of blinkering and quits to normal mode.
If everything went well at this point the SE sequencer won't start by itself but only with Ableton.

In Ableton I wouldn't check Remote.

Edit: checked, sync mode button 7