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Old 5th May 2022
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Hello guys how do you make the SE 02 start/shut the hell up when I click START/STOP in Ableton ?

I'm all synced 100% with MIDI IN and OUT cables via my Motu M4 + the audio cable. I erased all the factory patches and uploaded the 100 Organic Patches bank on it.

But the only problem is the SE 02 won't start/stop playing the patches I'm playing as soon as I press STOP in Live.

How the hell do you guys do that - sync (start/stop) with Ableton session when doing so from Ableton transport commands?

I tried adding****up in the External Instrument rack (which I highly recommend, for faulty VSTs like Massive X playing long notes when not played) but it didn't do the trick.

What settings do you choose in Ableton and SE 02 for that?

In doubt I selected everything - Track / Sync / Remote - for both the M4 and the SE-02 - is it necessary, what's your setup?

On the SE-02, I turn off, press COMP + PLAY and press 5 > send CC, then Select 'USB+MIDI' - or just 'MIDI', which one is it? And is there anything else to set there?

And ideally, the tempo of the SE-02 needs to match with that of the Ableton session of course, just like a VST - can we achieve that?