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Originally Posted by mu:zines ➡️
Subscription - check
Native - semi-check (only a few plugins, but presumably they'll be building out their range over time)
Ilok - but dongle, or cloud only, no machine authorisation

If you own one of the plugins covered in the subscription, you get to use it natively for "free" (but presumably, you have to have an active subscription for this, so be paying $20/mo? Unclear as to whether you can continue using it outside of a subscription)

Plugin range at launch is underwhelming - there's already plenty of good 1176/LA2A/Tape offerings, about the only thing I'd be interested in currently is the 224...

If you can stop/start subscriptions at will with no penalty, and the plugin range expands to cover more of UA's good stuff, I might be tempted to subscribe for particular projects.

It's a cautious move, but it's clear they've acknowledged that, while DSP has some advantages, they have to move on from it to grow...

So, I guess I'm... somewhat whelmed.
Yeah, they have to offer more plugins to be a no brainer. But they are kind of offering some of the best already.

1176, LA2A, API and Neve Channelstrip and the Studer Tape.

I can mix any song with only those.

Edit: The reverbs are a bit underwhelming. No 480L, CC or even EMT140?