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Originally Posted by Inju ➡️
I just ordered my Zen Q, given the current bundle, the value is insane. I mean, ALL the FX plugins, the FULL Bitwig Studio, the Edge Solo Mic, and the carrying case were just too hot of a deal for me to pass up. I'm keeping my finger's crossed it will all work out. Hot tip, though probably too late for a lot of you, Guitar Center has a Spring sale, where they give you 15% off. I tried online to use the code but it didn't work, BUT, it gave me a phone number to call and they honored the coupon over the phone. So I picked this up for $750! On another note, I don't see how to get the case? I see the link for the microphone but not for the case. Any input on how to get the case?
I believe the case is taken care of with the same registration as for the microphone.