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Originally Posted by ironinthepath ➡️
I am an EE, owner of MP20 (did self mods) and quite familiar with John Hardy designs (built a clone): other than maybe both designs using two servo loops, I don't think of them as all that similar (the Presonus has a funky JFET input follower/buffer). The MP20/MP80 is not bad but, in my opinion, the Hardy is in a whole other league, namely with noise-optimization and the best transformers Jensen has to offer, or used to anyway (the MP20, if you are using the specified Jensens, do not have the same specs in terms of bandwidth and THD). Summary --> I see the MP20 has the highest quality of "prosumer" gear (whatever that means) and John Hardy Twin Servo (and M1) as legit high end offerings (costing significantly more per channel also)
Yup, I would agree!