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Old 3rd March 2022
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If you can wait, I would wait. The licensing server is totally overloaded it took multiple tries which each took many minutes for it to finally give me my license.

So far it's working great for me when loading through Rosetta. But when I try to run it as native it's unable to load any of my old projects. It just gets stuck on the loading dialog. I suspect it's due to those old projects having VST2 plugins in them which are not available in native (that's right C12 does not support VST2 any more when run in native ARM mode) but rather than loading the project and then telling me which plugins aren't available, it gets stuck and never loads the project at all. Basically, I can't even use the ARM compatibility I waited so long to get.

I figured out what was causing this issue. I was using Bluecat Patchwork with a saved chain that has some non native VST. If you try to load non native plugins into Patchwork hosted in native cubase it hangs forever. I use that chain often, but projects without it load as expected.

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