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Old 3rd March 2022
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Bought it…the activation was a nightmare and took hours and hours of trying.

Here’s my first thoughts..
The new plugins are great..the new verve piano is nice..the new midi mapping is a excellent addition and is simple too use.,

Now for the bugs—-
The transport forward/reverse is broken if you click it it doesn’t stop moving it will only stop once it reaches the end of the screen.
Media bay needs rescanning because none of my presets showed up.
It’s also not very stable in the short time of using it it’s crashed 3 times .
As always the first version is broke I’m betting s hot fix will come out in the next few weeks.

One thing I was disappointed about was no new sample content or lots of synths or fx plug-ins..too me this seems like a half update not full so should have been called 11.5 not 12.