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Originally Posted by Insomniaclown ➡️
Just got my Volt 476 yesterday to replace my 2nd gen Scarlett 2i4. Haven’t been able to do much aside from listen through headphones, and play some bass. I was pretty stoked to get the Volt 476 especially because of the 2 true line inputs for my outboard mic preamps. No more padded mic pres!

I really like the sound of this interface. Bass sounds great through the hi-Z. I also found my headphones (ATH M30X) have more clarity. The 2i4 sounds dull and boring in comparison. Latency on the Volt @ 128 buffer with headphones was fine while playing bass. I did notice increased latency through my monitors. To be fair I didn’t fuss with that too much.

I can also confirm the Volt 476 will work just fine on MacOS 10.13. I did use my work laptop which is running 10.15 to do all the setup and firmware update.

Now the dirty. Yes, engaging the 76 compressor using the onboard mic preamps/hi-Z significantly raises the noise floor. Stacking tracks without using a noise removal tool/technique is going to suck. As jm2c said, using an outboard mic pre or DI will allow to use the compressor without the noise.

I also find the monitor routing a little weird. I much prefer how my 2i4 handles this.

I’ll be taking the Volt 476 back today. It sounds great, so that makes me sad, but the fact that you can’t use the onboard pre with the compressor (2 main selling features of this interface) is a dealbreaker for me. All the other interfaces I was considering are going to force me to upgrade my computer, so that’s where I’ll have to spend my money.
Unfortunate to hear that you had noise issues there. The Compressor does immediately add makeup gain, so you get a 5-6 dB boost immediately upon turning it on, that COULD be the source of your noise... just raising the gain.

Honestly, considering the rest of your post, I have to assume you would have known if it was just that though...