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Old 20th January 2022
Searching around a bit on the topic of line level, I think this is my issue:
There are actually two common types of line voltage levels, which include -10 dBV and +4 dBu. The inputs and outputs on consumer electronics are usually designed to work optimally with -10 dBV line signals, while the inputs and outputs on pro audio gear are often designed to work optimally with +4 dBu line level signals.
So my synths are probably using the consumer -10 dBV output while the interface expects a higher level pro +4 dBu input. On my Studio Capture I simply configure the inputs to expect -10 dBV and the problem is solved. It is really weird that this is not a standard option on audio interfaces.

Apparently simpler interfaces have no such option, and people either use a mixer/preamp in between or use the mic inputs for their synths.