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Old 19th January 2022
Input level on line inputs 3-4

Is there any way to set the input level on the line inputs (3-4) on the 476?

According to the manual:
Note: There are no gain controls on the line 3-4 inputs. Any level controls must be configured in your software.
So I'm assuming no. I thought these inputs would have a higher gain, but my synths barely register when they are outputting at maximum volume. I was counting on being able to use this device mostly as a stand-alone mixer (without a computer). That was the main appeal of this unit to me.

On my Roland Studio Capture the line inputs have an attenuator that can be toggled between +4, -10 and -20 dBU. I can therefore use it stand-alone.

Also it's a real bummer that the mono setting applies to both sets of inputs. I can't have one or two mono mics and a stereo synth. It's either everything mono or everything stereo.