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Old 15th January 2022
Here for the gear
I tried the HEDD Type 20s in both near-field on my desk and mid-field as front L&Rs in my surround setup. I’m coming at this from the perspective of an audiophile and not someone who works with audio in any capacity.

As far as my upgrade path thus far, I’ve owned the following for a meaningful bit of time; Creative T20-> Presonus Ceres 3.5 BT->Adam ARTist 5-> Adam A7X-> EVE SC208 (current pair). I also own Genelec 8020s and Genelec 8250As (which I’m looking to sell).

I’ve also owned or auditioned speakers like Elac Debut 2.0, Presonus Sceptre s6, Adam T7V, Genelec 8010s, Elac FS 407, etc.

Over the past decade I’ve learned quite a bit about audio, speakers, room correction, my preferred tonality, etc. The most important thing I’ve come to really appreciate in this hobby through this process is the law of diminishing gains. If I’m honest with myself, the substantial improvements in musical fidelity largely leveled off when I bought the ARTist 5 used years ago for ~$600 CAD/pair. The Eves provided more low-end grunt and speed but I would have been able to make due with a speaker of the ARTist 5’s quality.

The improvements when I jumped to higher end speakers like the Genelec 8250s and HEDD Type 20s became more and more difficult to notice. Across the frequency response, I found the Genelec 8250As to be marginally better than the Eve SC208 but less pleasant to listen to as I found them to be fatiguing in near-field and largely unremarkable relative to the SC208s in mid-field.

The HEDD Type 20s provided tighter bass, better mids, and more crisp top-end extension. But the Eves were designed to be warmer speakers with a smoother top end. Once I EQed the HEDDs to my liking, the differences to the Eves (a 2-way with an 8” woofer that is 1/3 the price) were too minor for me to care about.

I’m just not comfortable paying 3X the price for what I’d call a 10% (if I had to put a number to my qualitative sense of things) improvement. I suppose this would be more noteworthy for folks in purpose-built control rooms with a hell of a lot of treatment (who make a living in this space) or ultra-high-end audiophiles. But for me, it’s kind of solidified my suspicions about where I stand when it comes to this audiophile hobby. I just don’t care to spend more $ on increasingly minor improvements. The grass isn’t greener enough for me to care.