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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by Korcraft ➡️
Why don't you just re-export to mono?

The stereo looks normal you could eve just export the stereo to mono...You don't need to do LR>LL etc.

I'm guessing that the plugin you are using to EQ is having some stereo issues. Have you tried a different EQ plugin?

Again...if you can go back and just export the vocal as that. If for some reason you no longer have access to the original vocal that you exported...Take the stereo export...and export a mono. Pull the new mono track into the DAW...If the wave form looks weird like this without adding any EQ...then I'd say something went weird with your original stereo export.
I could re-export it to mono but that wouldn't make a difference for this test, right? It is just a testrecording, nothing serious.

When eqing it with the stock eq it does also alter the negative amplitude but not as heavy as the proq does.

Yet all this doesn't answer the question why this happens and what it means.

I can't really tell a difference between both audio files, can you?