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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by Rolo 46 ➡️
Blimey. looks like a bunker.
Nice big stage though, the bands a bit rough.
Ditch the overheads, go for a main pair high above the MD., the best you can
Try for more sparkle and edge, and a bit of bottom.
First reflection may help the inert acoustic...
Definitely a bunker! A few quick follow up questions:

(1) In terms of the "Main Pair" do you suggest two omnis or the ORTF that I had been using?

(2) By "high above" do you have a good height I should start my testing? In the past, with my ORTF configuration, I've been using ~13' (~4 meters). Should I go higher?

(3) If you are thinking the main pair would be omnis, any suggestion on the distance between the two? (1-1.5 meters?)

(4) Finally, in terms of the "bands a bit rough" are you referring to bands in general on a stage like this or this particular group. (I'm just trying to generalize my knowledge about bands and a space like this).