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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by Rolo 46 ➡️
Send us a Pic !
I work in a modern Performing Arts venue of similar construction
Excellent for speech and drama , no airco ,natural ventilation, deep stage, no shell , lots of drapes.
It works well for modern music
I go high on my Arri C stand with boom and a MKH 800/30 MS rig.
I have worked at floor level for Satie biog with music that worked well, I hardly ever spot ,the acoustic is so dead, but I do if there is a narrator.
Their radio mics are dire, thats what troubles me most, they do not mix just select, it sounds dreadful on cans.
I ignore their feed.
Here you go! Here are photos from the stage, from the back of the house and then at the point of the proscenium. The hall has a nice resonance for unamplified music (bands, orchestras, choirs, chamber music).
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Recording Symphonic Band on Proscenium Stage-2022-01-11-17.08.41.jpg   Recording Symphonic Band on Proscenium Stage-2022-01-11-17.13.04.jpg   Recording Symphonic Band on Proscenium Stage-2022-01-11-17.07.49.jpg