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Originally Posted by carpa ➡️
With this 80-90 cm spacing is there a potential benefit in placing a third microphone, maybe a cardioid even closer, in order to bring up a little the center? Just to make a guess….probably a dumb idea.
Not a dumb idea at all, at least not conceptually. If you look at how a lot of the old Philips engineers recorded piano, 3 evenly spaced omnis was a fundamental element, though in their setups the L and R mics were spaced around 8-9’ (240-270cm).

Mark Donahue in a different thread a couple weeks ago gave a good tip on how to employ and balance such a 3-mic setup (albeit on orchestra), looking through the threads in the last couple weeks should turn it up, if you’re interested. I think adding a mic between a 3’ AB you’d need so little of it before the image became overly mono that it’d hardly be worth adding. But I think you’re on the right track in how you’re conceptualizing the application and modification of mic techniques. Might as well give such a setup a shot if you have a chance!