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Originally Posted by David Spearritt ➡️
Formulas and rules for mic placement are not absolute and can never really be relied on, as the acoustic, repertoire, hall size and shape and audience size all conspire to corrupt the formula. Monitoring is the only solution.
Indeed, and a lot of Richard King's recommendations are in the nature of "QuickStart/ templates" to get beginners into the ballpark at least.

So the main area of interest in creating this thread was his remaining with the 34"/85cm width, as a constant parameter (actually the supporting text recommends a range of 80-90cm)....and wondering whether that's a typically used width by folks here, when recording so close to the piano ?

King also adds "Although a relatively wide spacing will result in an image with slightly reduced stability, the instrument will be presented with substantial impact and even energy throughout the range of the instrument", as well as advocating the same potential 'optimal arc' of placement anywhere between hammers and tail that Decca he's also a strong advocate of trial and error