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Did you get to the bottom of this, i bought a 476 mainly for modular work but indeed when compressors are engaged there is a very audible white noise. I thought i could live with it but indeed it comes through on the actual recordings. I tried varying settings. I am unsure how anybody can record with such white noise. Any help appreciated

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So I got a volt 276 and it is a huuuuge improvement over the mackie artist I've been getting by with the last year or so. I love the vintage mode and the compressor, and it is just fun to use. I have experienced a big issue though, and am wondering if anyone else has. Whenever I engage the compressor there is a huge boost in white noise. Like, enough that it makes it completely unusable if I'm to be stacking tracks recorded with the comp. I have a support request in and am waiting to hear back, but was hoping maybe someone else had this issue and found a solution. I am using a somewhat older laptop and thinking maybe it has something to do with the relatively older usb ports or chipsets? or I just got a bad unit...or the comp is just noisy as hell - but I'm thinking that's not the case as many people would be saying something by now. Anyway, I can definitely recommend this interface in terms of sound quality but this issue is putting up a huge roadblock for my work at the moment, as it's my only interface.

(edit: just tried it with my wife's relatively new macbook and the noise problem is still there)

(edit #2 : damn, so I just listened to a bunch of youtube examples and the noise is there in all examples when compression is turned's just the design of the unit. I think this may be a cause for return for me because it is absurdly loud. I can not believe the terrible noise floor on the comp - I have never heard a modern compressor this noisy...even my cheap guitar pedal comps are better. It's a shame, as I got the 276 just for the comp and it does indeed sound good for what it is, but the noise makes it impossible to use on more than one or two tracks without using a de-noise plugin. to see what I mean check out this video around the 5:00 minute mark - as soon as the comp is engaged you can hear a bunch of white noise, and it does that on any setting-