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Originally Posted by andre tchmil ➡️
I'm in exact the same boat at the end of this month. Having a laptop and babyface pro and some decent mics to go with. But the Babyface needs a psu if you want to use phantom. Was thinking to buy one of the cheaper field recorders and go with my microphones. Thing is which one of these has the best preamps ? And I'm going to diy a dead cat
I think you can power the Babyface with a power bank or such, so that could be an option and I could imagine you could power it from a car-lighter with USB-adapter. I'm not much of a AD/DA believer so I might even try iPhone as a recorder if you are using BFP's preamps..

Zoom H4 PRO at least has horrific preamps so don't buy that one

Zoom F6 seems to have the best preamps etc. in the sub 1000€ category. But that's my totally uneducated assumption..