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I would far rather have a quiet forest ambience in stereo with your borrowed SD recorder and existing MK012 mics (whatever caps are on them - and we still don't know) than a mono ambience with an as yet unpurchased AT402.

If borrowing/purchasing the right gear (decent recorder, like the SD; low-noise stereo pair*, be that MS, spaced omni, cardioids in ORTF/NOS etc.; and proper wind protection) when you need it, then do as Roger (Rolo 46) suggested and hire the kit.



* self-noise of mics suitable will very much depend on just how quiet is the forest in question, and how you will use the ambience recording, so very hard for anyone but you to determine. I suspect 18dBA (i.e. your MK012s) is too high, but - with suitable wind protection - you could check this when you have the SD recorder before spending any more money.