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Originally Posted by jnorman ➡️
Roland - I was just trying to think of an affordable two-omni kit, and the line audio mics are quite neutral/flat and have very good off-axis response. I used the little OM1s as piano spots quite often, and never ran into any noise problems, though I guess that could be an issue for ambience work. but isn’t it pretty easy to use subtractive eq to remove hiss in the same manner that we remove hvac, etc?
I thought so, James: the OM1s have a good reputation, but I just don't think they have an edge on the MK012s for this use nor are either - at 18dBA - the right tool for quiet forest ambiences. As chance would have it, I spent some of this weekend recording ambient noise in an English woodland (not for the first time), and needed much lower self-noise mics. As for subtractive EQ, if this was such a panacea, we would all be using very small diaphragm omni mics - such as Earthworks mics, or DPA lav mics - and just eq the hiss away. It is not for nothing that, on occasion, some of us lug LDC mics with extreme low self-noise into wilderness, with all the additional hassle of wind protection that this entails!