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Lives for gear
Cheers for all the comments.

Aye, I suppose I might need a rent a pair of microphones.. Although the noise from the Oktavas is not the worst and sounds quite pleasant, but you guys are probably right.

And I agree that using the Babyface just as a preamp and then recording with Zoom is not great but doing with a laptop is not ideal either (especially with extreme cold + snow).

So, I suppose the deal is I need to do with the Sound Devices recorder and get another pair of microphones.. Now I just need to hope for calm days when I have the recorder..

Edit: Just noticed that my local audio shop has one AT4021 for 200 euros.. I know I can't get a stereo recording then but I'll probably do bunch of stuff to the ambience anyway so having just one mono track is least of my worries, especially if it is extremely quiet.. I might even try to do some mid/side miccing if I manage to jamm 2 microphones into Rode Blimp :D

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