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Well, I'm all for having a go rather than using stock recordings, and, as I understand it, the RME Babyface can be used as a standalone device so it should be possible: at that point, though, perhaps you could just use a laptop in the field too rather than go back into analogue for the H4n Pro. It all sounds much more clunky than a decent field recorder, though, so why not just use the borrowed Sound Devices recorder when you can?

And thinking of self-noise problems for quiet ambiences, won't the Oktava MK012s (at 18dBA) be less than ideal? What capsules do you have for them? For quiet winter woodland ambiences, I would use something much quieter, esp. if a still day.

Finally, when recording outside, decent wind protection is essential (and those MK012s are particularly susceptible - though the omni caps less so of course): what do you have in this regard? If nothing beyond (useless) foamies, then you need to factor this in.