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Old 3rd January 2022
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Recording kit for ambiences for film


I need to record some (mainly quite quiet forest) ambiences for a film and i'm trying to figure out the best way to do it with the stuff I have at hand.

I tried some Zoom H4 PRO recorder but the preamps are SO noisy that I couldn't use the recording.

I'm borrowing a Sound Devices recorder, which seems to be the ticket, but I have limited access to it so I'll probably need a backup plan as well.

What I was thinking was to use my trusty RME Babyface pro as a preamp and plug that to some recorder, e.g. the ZOOM. So I suppose I'd need a USB batterypack to power the Babyface pro and then just plug that into the Zoom. Have you guys used this kind of a setup?

The mics I have are pair of Oktavia 012s and Sennheiser ME66.