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Originally Posted by Tulshi ➡️
Hey Gianfranco!

Firstly wanna say how much I love my Mod Duo X.

I really think the interface both on the web app and on the device itself is excellent!!!

Im looking to get "out and about" with my Mod Duo X

What do you think of the following power bank for powering the device?

Power Bank

Are there any specific things I should be on the look out for?

Many thanks!
Hi Tulshi

Thank you for the support. Happy to read that you enjoy the Duo X ;-)

Any power bank with 12V out should do the trick. Most will even have the proper DC jack.

I personally use the XT Power XT-20000. It provides the DC jack to the MOD plus two USBs which I find practical to power also my iPad. With 20Ah of charge, you can go about 10h before running out of power.

I've checked the Blackstar PB-1 and I think the XT Power is a better option. It has twice the capacity and can be charged with USB if needed (Both are quick charged with the provided PSU). The flashlight on the PB-1 looks practical, but would not make me buy it.

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