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Originally Posted by brockorama ➡️
Battery might be better for this, but after saying this...

yeah, you can stack toon's own sample pieces...or replace them with another piece...

however you can also drag and drop your own samples onto say...the snare (there must be an active toon snare already)
now turn the volume all the way down on the toon snare and you have your sample left to adjust tuning etc...
no kind of round robin ....I don't believe any mic routings in the mixer are just plays when triggered....that's why I mentioned battery because it's more flexible all around at this imo.

I will slap a splice sample on a kick or snare here and there...
It's nice because you can tune the toontrack sample and your own sample together to get a nice blend....send the toontrack through the mixer, mics and bleed for warmth, but as far as I can tell, your own sample will be static....but it works ok...and I often need a splice sample and I generally find them more useable right out of the gate.
Thks for the answer yep tuff choice , bateery and geist are superior in that area ( i love geist becuase i link cells instead to be able to fin tweak in daw each layer)
As you said the beauty is to be able to layer with toon's sounds witch is a big plus , i use to insert two or 3 plugins just to layer stuff to ez drummer , so at the end i think the decisions would be made on if i need those extra goodies ( piano roll , audio import and conversion ect )