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Hey guys, a bump for a thread that is in sleep mode for a few months.

I'm planning to go into a hybrid platform. So far, I'm fully ITB (the only hardwares I have here are the audio interface and the DI), but I'm planning to build a tracking rack, with one or two preamps, and maybe a comp and an EQ. But I keep seeing mixed statements about it, so I'm lost yet.

I found here in Brazil both the WA12 MkII (API 312) and the WA73 (Neve 1073). Both are circuits I like, and despite the difference in price out there, here they're costing about the same. I know there are "better" (or costier, at least) equipment, but I can't invest much more than that for now.

So, for those of you who have been using Warm Audio gear past all these months, what are your thoughts? Are they still holding their own?