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Originally Posted by mobileavatar ➡️
I know Vacuvox is exclusive, but I didn't realize it's even more so than the Knif. With the Knf Vari-Mu (temporarily?) discontinued, which would be your next pick? The RND MBP, G24, the Tubecore 3U or something else?
The Vacuvox is roughly the same price for one channel where you would get the most luxurious version of the two channel Knif Vari-Mu II. The Knif's discontinuation seems to be permanent though.

If I had to choose another Vari-Mu it would probably be the Tubecore.

The RND MBP does have some very useful tricks for compression, especially the adaptive limiter. Unlimited digital signal is going to sound very bland on most small systems, because you need to keep a lot of headroom for the few incidental peaks that may occur during a performance and the body of the piece will be in the lower dynamic regions of the playback system. So, a good limiter can be highly effective for this particular use and the MBP's is one of those that could be used for this job. However, the make-up gain of the MBP becomes quite coloured quickly, so bringing up the signal level can only be done with it for a few dB. More make-up should be done with an ultra clean amp.

The G24 seems to be very good at transparent compression, where one can shape the curve of the dynamic translation to a very high degree, due to the double compression action. Not totally sure about the boxtone though, as I have not been able to test it myself.

For (live) internet use I would probably choose the Elysia Xpressor: very flexible, transparent, and with the option to bend the compression curve. Good price as well. No limiter though. Here the TK may be a good option as well, because it has a setting for a very high compression ratio that can kick in at any given threshold level, practically acting like a limiter. A specialized limiter might be a good choice as well, of course, but maybe the limiter of your recorder/interface could work well enough too, depending on what you're using.