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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by Earcatcher ➡️
Personally I think the Gyraf G22 is too coloured by itself (boxtone) to be used for classical. The Vacuvox is a machine that I wish I could afford (2x for stereo), because I'm quite sure I could make it work for my classical mixes. Absolutely wonderful sound!

The notion from Gyraf's Jacob that the workings of a Vari-Mu are not suitable for classical is something that I absolutely disagree with. I consider a Manley Vari-Mu unsuitable because of its heavy-handedness, but the Knif for example can be extremely subtle and is highly controllable, resulting in "inaudible" compression. The point with most classical recordings is that you need a very high end playback system in order to go effortlessly with the dynamics of such music when totally uncompressed. This usually results in very low level soft passages in order to keep enough headroom for the loudest parts. The art of a good classical compression is to find a believable balance that zooms in on soft details when needed and which paints the large picture in a controlled way as well, also on lesser playback systems.

Having said the above, Jacob's G24 is very high on my wishlist because of its special way of (optical) compressing. But this is not a Vari-Mu, which is the subject of this thread.
Your comment on "lesser playback" systems speaks of the dilemma many music students/parents face these days. Most auditions and competitions switched to the online format, but few organizers standardized the loudness requirements or the playback device the adjudicators would use. As Youtube has become the defacto platform for viewing, submissions mastered at LUFS -14 with Peak @-1dBTP are very common. Some form of compression is inevitable.

Many understand classical recordings are best with minimal compression, but that only makes choosing a suitable compression tool more challenging, especially for semi-pros and amateurs like myself.

I know Vacuvox is exclusive, but I didn't realize it's even more so than the Knif. With the Knf Vari-Mu (temporarily?) discontinued, which would be your next pick? The RND MBP, G24, the Tubecore 3U or something else?