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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by bradh ➡️
I stand corrected, sorry! My pair are actually out of spec and rise a bit more than they're supposed to at the high end (I had them measured by Earthworks last year; I bought them in 2008).
IMHO that's not enough of a lift and pretty far up anyway that would make a noticeable difference. On top of other things, the smaller capsule, different electronics and design, etc, the sparkly character you hear could be also the result of the QTC's metal diaphragm, the higher tension or more precisely the combination of all kinds of these differences between the two mics rather than the frequency response alone. There's a lot going on within and beyond what mic makers are marketing their stuff with.

There might even be a subjective factor in it, as different people preceive audio playback differently. I'd venture to say the QTC is 'very fast'. A friend of mine called it 'infinitely sterile' and I tend to agree with that too.

The OM1 is a fine mic on it's own, it's a great bang for the buck. It's great to have choices.