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Here for the gear
Originally Posted by bradh ➡️
Yes, it's pretty amazing. I have a matched pair of Earthworks QTC-40s and have used those up close on my 12-string and it's fantastic. I actually think the Samar stereo ribbon sounds better to my ears but I was using different interfaces for these recordings so it's not a fair comparison. (My Sonosax M2D2 can't handle the Earthworks mics without modifications by Sonosax; they draw too much power, so I use a Sound Devices MixPre 6 with the Earthworks mics.) I find the OM-1 a little dull in comparison to the Earthworks mics, even up close, although that could probably be addressed with some EQ. The OM1 is a nearfield omni; the Earthworks is not and has the usual high-frequency bump of diffuse-field omnis so it'll always sound a bit more sparkly up close compared with the OM1.

Speaking of Earthworks, their SR-30 cardioid is also excellent for guitar and since it's designed for live performance you can get quite close (6 inches) without any proximity effect. But you can get even closer with the omnis.
The Earthworks QTC mics are not diffuse-field equalized, so it's interesting that you find the OM1 dull in comparison. On paper both the OM1 and the QTC have a similar flat freq. response. Most probably because of the shape of the mic body, and possibly because the QTC has a smaller capsule as well it has a bit more open pickup pattern than the OM1. The QTC also have a much higher output, also might have better quality eletronics inside.
But both are definitely free-field omni mics.