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Originally Posted by bradh ➡️
Honestly, if you're going to sell the KM84s and use the money to buy new mics, I'd seriously consider a pair of Gefell M950s for guitar. Obviously a lot more money than a pair of CM4s and a pair of Omni1s combined but based on reports by Earcatcher and others the M950 wide cardoid is magical on guitar.

I have a pair of the CM3s and a pair of the OM1s and have tried them both on my guitar (an acoustic 12-string) and they're both very nice but not the holy grail. My current favorite is the Samar AL959 stereo ribbon which despite warnings about it not fully capturing the harmonic complexity of stringed instruments sounds quite true to life on my 12-string. But I'm saving up for a pair of the Gefell M950s.
Thanks. I really want to try an omni though, I want to get in close without proximity. I want the sound Stephen Barncard captured on Crosby's debut album, (my fave ever recorded acoustic guitar tones), and he told me they were AKG C60s (valve mics) with the omni capsules, up really close.