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Originally Posted by Gregg Hermetech ➡️
I used to have a pair of CM3s and loved them, might grab a pair of CM4s and a pair of Omni 1s soon.

Quick question for OM-1 or Omni1 owners:

I may be mistaken, but seem to remember reading somewhere that not all omni mics exhibit zero proximity effect, only a specific type or subset of omni mics. Is that the case? And if so, do the Omni 1s have proximity effect when used up close? I am looking to try shooting out cardioid and omni mics up close on an acoustic guitar, but I need it to be the type of omni that does not have proximity effect, like a Neumann KM83.

Thanks for any info, and sorry if it's been answered already in the thread, I couldn't find any info with a search.
True omnis don't have proximity effect and the OM1 is a true omni without any proximity effect.

Omnis with proximity effect are the ones made with two cardioid caps back to back like the multi polar patterns mikes (AKG 414 for exemple).
Some good infos here