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Old 22nd December 2021
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I used to have a pair of CM3s and loved them, might grab a pair of CM4s and a pair of Omni 1s soon.

Quick question for OM-1 or Omni1 owners:

I may be mistaken, but seem to remember reading somewhere that not all omni mics exhibit zero proximity effect, only a specific type or subset of omni mics. Is that the case? And if so, do the Omni 1s have proximity effect when used up close? I am looking to try shooting out cardioid and omni mics up close on an acoustic guitar, but I need it to be the type of omni that does not have proximity effect, like a Neumann KM83.

Thanks for any info, and sorry if it's been answered already in the thread, I couldn't find any info with a search.