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Originally Posted by GrammynOut2 ➡️
I like the 533 EQ. Very flexible. Will have to dig into a little deeper with the ND-whatever and also see how the high end boost works when stacked a few times.

As far as comparing to the hardware. If the plug-in sounds good, does it matter how close or not. Those comparisons always been a fools errand. Unless your choice is buying the plug-in or the hardware (533). Which is never case 99% of the time.
It matters solely to the marketing of the thing, I think. If their aim was to match the hardware and they make it look and sound like the hardware and say and sell it as such, then it’s on the developer to make it so, not on the customer to pretend that’s not the hope and just be happy it sounds like something good, and who cares what that is anyway. I don’t quite follow that thinking just because no one that came before achieved the goal, so therefore no one will. Developers are proud to get as close as possible. They care. That’s what people are buying, that’s what we are all excited about right now. Isn’t it? Access to Rupert Neve!! I have no issue with a newly designed color eq that sounds incredible that isn’t based on hardware eq. But as soon as there is a claim, then it should be put to the test. And then, if it falls short, how’s it compare to other like plugins that fell short but still sound great? And then, ok, it sounds nothing like what is says it is, but does it still sound good and useful? No?