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I noticed that sometimes, using the 533, there's audible clicks from oversampling or something in mid/side mode. I don't notice that on the 84, for example. Also, it's really annoying to go into m/s mode in the 533 and still have things linked.

Hmm. I'm tempted to replace PSP E27 with the 533 because it gives finer control - fewer EQ dials, but Q and whatever frequency I want rather than what E27 has available. Pretty close, though, in terms of "clean" EQ. Honestly, my next test will be ProQ3 vs the 533. I'm liking the sound of the 84 preamp with the 533. The E27 used to eat CPU, but now, after optimizations, it's using less than half that of the 533.

EDIT: A little Pro3 comparison, and... it's 98% a workflow thing. I can almost match the curves of 533 perfectly with ProQ3. Which might make the 533 worthwhile but.. hmm. Of course, ProQ3 also uses a tiny fraction of the CPU in comparison. I'm still liking the preamps, since I can add the 84 ahead of ProQ3, for example.