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Originally Posted by Kyle Ashley ➡️
I own both the Pultec and 31102 plugins but received no email with a crossgrade code, and yes I searched all my folders.

How much discount is the crossgrade offer?

Went over to the website to login to my account and they have the MOST annoying email/newsletter subscriber splash screen that keeps popping up every 8 seconds blocking my entire view.

There is no way to "X" out of it or close it that I can see. I literally cannot even look at anything for more than a few seconds before it takes over and I have to back out with the browser.

It actually keeps popping up while I'm trying to purchase and I have to keep backing out of my cart. Ridiculous.
That sounds damn annoying. I was able to click it and make it go away -but we may be on different systems.

Anyway, didn't reply to say that. I purchased the Collection after the initial announcement, and my discount email didn't arrive until after I'd purchased. For me, it was $30 and I own what you own, so probably your discount as well. So, well worth it -I'm pretty sure I was signed up for the newsletter anyway! They don't send a lot of stuff at all. Minimal, really.