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Originally Posted by Macaroni ➡️
I had the Steinberg versions. They were very good.

ddmf's 6144 EQ was so close to the Steinberg version, I sold it - the comp too. They were way overpriced too, and with another dongle.
Well, "way overpriced..." Obviously mileage varies, but that was back in the day when premium plugins still largely commanded premium prices. I had / have the Steinberg collection too, and they are (still) damned good. I consider the use I got out of them, even just up to before DDMF EQ came along, well worth my investment. And I still throw a 5033 plugin on significantly more than I do the 6144. (Might be loyalty talking some here, though). Anyway, neither DDMF or NoiseAsh (yet!?) has offered a 5043 Compressor.

You might remember as well, but back when the Portico plugins first came out there were people who had hardware who said that the hardware was indistinguishable from the plugins, some even selling their hardware. I didn't have the EQ but I have a hardware 5043 and did a lot of close listening at the time. On lots of tracks / mixes yes, it was indistinguishable; sometimes it wasn't, but even so, 95% 96% there (and maybe even some of that was bias from me wanting to hear some difference) is pretty darned good. Both the plugins and the hardware are topnotch -a worthy addition to the legacy of equipment that wonderful man bequeathed to us.


I'd meant to say also, 1) that I respect your opinion, and certainly the DDMF is a great plugin; and 2) that I have Cubase Pro as my main DAW, so that's a Dongle there. Plus VSL licenses work with it, so I've additional reason to keep the dongle (although I wouldn't mind in the slightest if they went with different Copy Protection).

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